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Our patent-protected six degrees of freedom peripheral tracking was developed and refined over the past five years. The core of it is a unique combination of different sensor modalities. Through sensor fusion, the algorithm reports sub-millimeter accurate and precise 3D positions at high update rates. Depending on the infrastructure, at 100Hz and more.

Optical, ultrasonic, and inertial sensor data are used complementary to each other, thus allowing our algorithm to rely on the best source of information at all times. 

Beyond the controller

Dedicated tools for dedicated actions for an uncompromised use of XR

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We support head-mounted displays, peripheral producers, simulation providers to make interactions intuitive, effective and ready for professional use.


Highly accurate and precise

There is nothing comparable in the market that provides our levels of accuracy while at the same time featuring these levels of integration density.


Low hardware and firmware complexity

The hardware complexity and footprints are remarkably small. With our tracking technology novel input devices are easy to design and the tracking technology becomes invisible.


No additional hardware for the AR/VR headset

Our peripheral tracking algorithm can be deployed on any state-of-the-art XR-device. For that, we need low-level access to the host's hardware, but no hardware modifications.


Patent protected

We have granted patents on our tracking technology in multiple regions, including Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, Russia.

Unlimited control

Motion controllers have proved a useful transitionary instrument in XR but they may not always be the best option for certain tasks and activities.

Accurate hand-tracking or specialized tools are needed to provide the precision and accuracy required for a truly immersive and realistic XR experience.