GAME: ‘Half Life: Alyx’ – use your hands like in real life with VRfree®

We are excited to share a video demonstration of our VRfree gloves in action in the popular game Half-Life: Alyx. In the video, our colleague Hagen shows how the VRfree gloves provide a more immersive and intuitive gameplay experience.

With the VRfree gloves, players can pick up items from the backpack, shoot guns, and even use hand gestures to insult the enemy – all in a natural and instinctive way that feels like a true extension of the body. This is the next step towards fully realizing the potential of the “Metaverse,” the collective virtual shared space.


We hope you enjoy watching the video and seeing the VRfree gloves in action in Half-Life: Alyx. We are confident that this technology will continue to evolve and provide an even more immersive and intuitive virtual reality experience in the future.


Watch Hagens gameplay of Half-Life: Alyx here:

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