Sensoryx Highlights of CES 2023

CES returns with a huge show featuring over 3200 exhibitors and 115,000 visitors.
We demonstrated our XR technology to industry leaders and received a fantastic response.

Reflecting on the event, we recognize the significance of in-person meetings and their potential impact. Our gratitude goes to the companies that made CES 2023 possible. This event marks a fantastic start to the year and our continued commitment to XR innovation.

The Swiss tech pavilion was a highlight, featuring startups at its vibrant retro pink booth at Eureka Park. Thanks to Bettina Thomas from Swiss Tech, we welcomed guests on site in a great cosy atmosphere. We are proud to be part of an industry that is not only supportive but also innovative, fostering growth and progress in everything we do.

Qualcomm Leads the Way in XR Technology with its Snapdragons Solution

Qualcomm stands out as a trailblazer in the XR technology space, elevating the industry with their unwavering dedication to constantly improving their reference design both for VR and AR. Their approach creates a seamless ecosystem leading to more inclusive, collaborative and immersive experiences.

Our in person meeting with Thomas Amilien was inspiring, his expertise solidifying our confidence in the exceptional outcomes their products are poised to deliver. 

Building on the successful integration in the SQ3, we are commited to continuously provide support and enhance integration within the platform to deliver state-of-the-art tracking to the industry.

Magic Leap elevates Augmented Reality with Magic Leap 2 and Revolutionary Projects

Next up, we were thrilled to witness the showcase of Magic Leap at CES, which exceeded all expectations. Under the leadership of Peggy Johnson, Magic Leap made a powerful comeback, featuring improved hardware and a standout exhibit space that attracted numerous enterprise solutions. 

The exceptional team behind Magic Leap, with a clear focus, has propelled the company to new heights – recently receiving FDA approval for use in surgical rooms, marking a major milestone in their journey. Backed by the fantastic duo of Mike Angiulo and Julie Larson-Green, Magic Leap proves to be stronger than ever and a key player in the industry. We are looking forward to support the device.


Some of the promising projects presented on their booth included :

Brainlab’s 3D diagnostic imaging allows medical professionals to view images in three dimensions, enabling deeper collaboration, presurgical planning, teaching, and communication, allowing colleagues and specialists to collaborate on cases with greater specificity and nuance and bringing 3D models into the OR for surgical teams to reference, mark, and scale.
Geopogo is an AR visualization app that allows users to convert 3D design files into AR models and identify design issues through in-context walkthroughs, resulting in faster project design, reduction of construction change orders, and improved quality.

Lynx R-1 Headset Wins Big at CES 2023: A Seamless Transition from VR to MR

Lynx, a French company at the pinnacle of French tech, has demonstrated its innovative R-1 headset that seamlessly transitions from Virtual Reality to Mixed Reality, delivering a unique hybrid experience. The CEO of Lynx, Stan Larroque, showcased this cutting-edge product.

The R-1 headset has been recognized as a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree, a well-deserved honor that highlights its advanced technology and design. Lynx is poised for continued success. We’re eager to integrate our solutions into this groundbreaking product, which is next in our road-map.

PwC Shined with Innovative XR Solutions and Industry-Leading Team

PwC’s presence at CES this year showcased their expertise and thought leadership in the XR industry. Their demonstration of innovative products and services, combined with their deep understanding of the metaverse concept, made them a standout presence at the event. This was further emphasized by the findings of their 2022 US Metaverse Survey, where business leaders cited “onboarding and training” as the metaverse use case they were most likely to explore, with 42% of respondents indicating this. This results align with our work at Sensoryx, as we daily refine our technology for bringing more natural and precise interactions to XR training. 

PWC’s metaverse team of experts, led by Roberto Hernandez, Scott Likens, and Joe Harrington, are recognized for their innovative thinking and ability to provide practical solutions for their clients. They play a crucial role in helping organizations navigate the complex world of XR and provide trusted advice on how to effectively integrate XR technologies into their businesses. 

Lenovo Impresses with Thinkreality XR Product Line: A Path to Increased Efficiency and Mixed Reality Solutions

At the Lenovo customized café, we were greeted with a warm and inviting atmosphere that showcased the latest line-up of their VR and AR products. Our tour guides, Feroz Mohummed and Jason McGuigan, gave us a comprehensive overview of the Thinkreality XR product line, including:

Thinkreality A3 smart glasses, aimed at improving company efficiency, reducing errors and expanding workspaces. The glasses are compatible with the Motorola Edge+ and PCs.

Thinkreality VRX, a lightweight VR headset powered by the Snapdragon XR chipset with high-resolution color pass-through capabilities for mixed reality. The headset comes with a complete suite of services for quick ROI and successful implementation.

HTC XR Elite Takes Pass-Through VR to the Next Level with Powerful Performance and Comfort

The very busy HTC Vive booth welcomed us with open arms, and we were guided by President Alvin Grayling of China. The just-launched HTC XR Elite, which has generated much excitement, delivers significant advancements in Pass-through VR technology. This feature allows users to view the real world while they remain in a virtual environment, using the cameras on the VR headset. Despite its compact size, the HTC XR Elite packs a punch in terms of power and performance while still providing a comfortable user experience.

While many of the demos were on the line of entertainment, HTC has a long history of supporting enterprises, making the HTC XR Elite a new untethered choice for businesses. The device is also an interesting alternative to the Meta Quest Pro, offering consumers a fresh option in the VR market.

Sensoryx CEO Rolf Adelsberger testing the HTC XR Elite

Sony impresses CES 2023 with Comfort-Focused Design VR headset and Cutting-Edge Holographic Display

Sony’s booth was quite busy this year, and for good reason. Sony made it possible to try the much anticipated Sony headset PSVR 2. Who was lucky enough, could book a demo with this very promising VR headset. The headset with its improved design is made for comfort.

But we were also impressed by their 27″ holographic display prototype called: Spatial Reality Display, presented by Thaisa Yamamura. The holographic display features a high-speed vision sensor that tracks eye movement for 3D image delivery and a real-time rendering algorithm for smooth viewing. The micro-optical lens provides high-resolution and comfortable stereoscopic viewing.

VRGineers Announces Wireless XTAL VR Headset: Connecting Virtual Worlds with Open-Source Innovation

VRGineers’ XTAL headset is a notable open-source VR project. The headset was impulsed by Somnium Space, a virtual world, and is the result of the efforts of a great team including Artur Sychov and Martin Chloupek. The open-source nature of the XTAL headset sets it apart from other VR technology.


Pimax Crystal VR Headset: Paving the Way in Advancing VR Technology with Improved Resolution

Shanghai based Pimax introduces new VR headset “Pimax Crystal” at CES 2023, featuring hot swap batteries, eye tracking, and improved resolution. The company, led by Nordic Ren, is advancing VR technology with new XR products offering unmatched FOV and resolution.

Hollywood XR: Integrating Intellectual Properties with New XR Experiences

Hollywood was also present at CES 2023 and we are excited to see how great existing intellectual properties (such as movies, TV shows, and characters) can be integrated with new XR experiences. Making it possible to reach more audiences. It is an industry that can benefit widely from our technologies for innovative interactions with our most beloved characters and universes.

Testing HaptX's Haptic Gloves: A Look into the Future of XR Peripheral

We were able to test HaptX’s haptic gloves and visit their booth at CES. They use a patented microfluidic technology to power their system.

This made us look forward to supporting the XR peripheral industry with our own technology and exciting upcoming projects.

Sensoryx Business Development Dir. Salar Shahna trying out Haptx gloves

Dassault Industries is revolutionizing E-Health with the Virtual Human Twin Project

“The future of medicine is experimentation in the virtual world” says Steve Levine. He demonstrated to us who Dassault is revolutionizing e-health with his outstanding Virtual Human Twin project for at display for CES 2023. 

The Digital twin technology is being utilized in the healthcare industry to enhance product development and patient care. It allows for simulation and prediction of outcomes, leading to more informed decision-making. The benefits of this technology have been recognized by business leaders, making it a promising tool for the future.

Gratitude towards Outstanding Organizations and Events at CES: Building Connections and Exploring Industry Trends

CES is a hub of technology innovation and industry trends, but we’re grateful for the warm special side events hosted by these organizations:

Beachfront: A sell-side ad-serving partner helping monetize premium ad inventory and provide seamless ad experiences.

DeoVR: A VR community meet-up, led by Katya Bart, at the Museum of Selfies, connecting and learning about the VR industry.

Dolby: Huge shout-out to Eric Fantone and Anais Libolt from the French team for inviting us to Imagine Dragons concert at MGM Grand with Atmos technology for live events, elevating audience experiences.

FreeWheel: An all-in-one ad platform connecting buyers and sellers worldwide, using premium video content and technology.

GfK: Collecting and analyzing consumer behavior data, offering tech solutions to various sectors to inform business decisions.

Mediabrands: A client-first global marketing agency, providing smart investments and growth with a commitment to excellence and equity.

Pinterest: A social media and image-sharing platform for saving and discovering information in the form of images, videos, and GIFs.

These organizations helped us expand our knowledge and make new valuable connections in the industry. Thanks!

CES 2023: A Successful Showcase of XR Technology

CES 2023 was a great success, with a strong showing of XR technology and a wide range of innovative products and services on display. At Sensoryx, we are thrilled to see the advancements in XR technology and we believe that our cutting-edge technology has the potential to make a significant impact on the XR peripheral industry. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and our goal is to provide seamless, immersive experiences for users in various industries. We cannot wait to see the positive impact that our technology will have on the industry and the community.

Sensoryx CEO Rolf Adelsberger, pioneer and visionary

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