China Spring Tour 2023

Sensoryx’ spring tour to China marked an exciting milestone in our mission to revolutionize the metaverse space. This journey took us from the southern cities of Hong Kong and Shenzhen to the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, and concluded in the capital city of Beijing. 
Along the way, we met with manufacturers, tech leaders, and industry experts, and showcased our technology to a receptive audience. China’s XR market is thriving, and we’re eager to build upon the success of this first trip after the pandemic.

Working closely with our manufacturer, we assessed their production capabilities and fine-tuned the manufacturing pipeline to enhance efficiency and reduce potential bottlenecks. By evaluating and refining the assembly process, we ensured that our high-quality standards are consistently maintained throughout the entire production cycle. 

Our discussions with leading tech companies further enriched our perspective on the current market trends and emerging technologies. By nurturing these relationships, we continue to fortify our presence in the Chinese market and pave the way for exciting new collaborations and innovations.

Shanghai METANIGHT by Sensoryx

Shanghai, the heart of our tour, was a fantastic destination where we proudly hosted Metanight, an exclusive event in partnership with Yuanlong and Swissnex China. Held at the avant-garde Meta Street Market, a NFT gallery in the heart of the city, this event attracted a diverse array of industry professionals and enthusiasts who were eager to learn and network.

Metanight brought together a superb lineup of speakers and panelists, including experts from renowned studios like Patch XR and Zoe. .

The live demonstration showcased our stylus’s seamless integration with XR applications, its intuitive interface, and the high level of precision it offers users.


IEEE VR 2023

Next, we participated in the prestigious IEEEVR conference, where we hosted a panel discussion titled “Advancing Interactions in XR: Exploring New Input Technologies for the Metaverse” with William Chen from Lenovo, Dr. Rolf Adelsberger, Dr. Alberto Calatroni and Salar Shahna. 

Our contribution to the research demo featured the world premiere of our groundbreaking haptic gloves solution, which is designed to reimagine the way tactile devices operate. 

Not only was our  technology selected for the showcase, but it also received the prestigious Best Research Demo Award at the end of the event, marking a significant achievement for our team. 


Our China tour concluded in Beijing, where we visited Pico, a leading VR hardware manufacturer. This provided us with valuable insights into the future of VR technology and allowed us to further explore potential collaborations in the Chinese market.

Our visit to China was truly inspiring, as it demonstrated the country’s eagerness to embrace the development of virtual reality technology. As China reopens its doors, we’re excited to continue forging strong connections, expanding our market presence, and contributing to the growth of the XR industry.

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