The TechG ’23 Afterglow✨

Shanghai, a dynamic metropolis at the heart of China’s rapid modernization, effortlessly blends ancient traditions with futuristic skyscrapers, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into the country’s vibrant past and promising future. A place perfect to hold the prestigious 3-day tech conference, TechG Shanghai. And we made sure to make the most out of it!

It has been such a pleasure to see tech conferences worldwide spring back into full force. TechG this year was sparkling with visitors full of curiosity about what the tech future holds. We were present at the Swisstech booth in collaboration with Swissnex where we presented our revolutionary 3D-stylus. Our guests expressed their creativity in XR effortlessly, while we received outstandingly positive feedback, which made us incredibly proud and excited. 

With all the excitement of the day fresh in our minds and hearts, we made ourselves ready for the Swiss Startup Night where we, together with five other Swiss startups, got to present a ten-minute pitch and meet with investors and industry experts. For the curious readers who would love to see our pitch, given by our BD Director, Salar Shahna, here is the link.

We were also very fortunate to have won the TechG Award! Our CEO, Rolf Adelsberger, and Salar Shahna took the stage to receive this amazing recognition for our hard work, passion, and amazing team at Sensoryx. We could not have been more excited and proud of where Sensoryx is heading. Onto the next milestone!

TechG ’23 Impression

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