Who we are

Metaverse Generation

Sensoryx is a groundbreaking Swiss startup dedicated to upgrading interactions with the last digital platform: The Metaverse.

We developed a custom tracking technology granted by multiple international patents and praised by its users.

We build technologies to seamlessly integrate into the ecosystem of spatial computing, delivering an overall better experience for users.

With sensoryx, expect improved accuracy and responsiveness in VR and AR systems, as well as new ways to interact with digital content in the physical world.


We support the ecosystem

We support any manufacturers to make their platform compatible out-of-the box with sensoryx enabled devices.

Our miniaturised chip allows the implementation in an infinite number of peripherals.

Our Unity sdk makes it a breeze to make any application compatible with Sensoryx enabled devices.

We are empowering companies that may not have previously considered using XR to explore the vast potential it holds.

Our Team

Dr. Rolf Adelsberger

CEO & Founder

Dr. Alberto Calatroni


Hagen Seifert


Salar Shahna

Business Development Dir.

Dr. Patrick Huber

Development Engineer

Patrycja Bizoń-Angov

Software Engineer

Robine Mandersloot

Office Administrator

Marco Schuppisser



Trusted and Supported

Sensoryx' technologies is implemented across the globe and praised by the media.

Our patented solution is compatible and tested on the industry standards XR technologies. 

XR2 Forbes Start Angels Innosuisse
IMD Startup Competition

One of 10 winners of the Venture Leaders Technology Startup Champions 2022

Venture Leaders Technology

One of 10 winners of the Venture Leaders Technology Startup Champions 2022