Upgrading Interactions

Natural Control

Motion controllers have proved a useful transitionary instrument in XR but they may not always be the best option for certain tasks and activities.

Accurate hand-tracking or specialized tools are needed to provide the precision and accuracy required for a truly immersive and realistic XR experience.

Sensoryx allows the metaverse to feel more natural, intuitive and precise. Our patented technology combines the power of ultrasounds, LED and motion sensors for unparalleled accuracy.


Our algorithm requires a minimum of 1 camera and 1 microphone to calculate 3D position & lightweight AR glasses are compatible


Our SDK makes it easy to make any Unity application compatible with sensoryx enabled peripherals. Unreal Engine capable


Open to any peripherals manufacturer, sensoryx has developed versatile tools such as haptic gloves and stylus ready for XR.


Sensoryx' technologies is implemented across the globe and praised by the media.

Our patented solution is compatible and tested on the industry standards XR technologies. 

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