Agnostic at heart

Our peripheral tracking algorithm can be deployed on any state-of-the-art XR-device.

For that, we need low-level access to the host's hardware, but no hardware modifications.

Boost your hardware

Your new BFF

Sensoryx validation can take your headset to the next level by unlocking additional capabilities and providing your users with a more immersive and interactive experience.

With Sensoryx, your headset will be able to access a wider range of sensors and inputs, allowing it to respond to a greater variety of user actions and movements.


Agnostic at heart

We connect with the sensors you have on board

The hardware complexity and footprints are remarkably small. With our tracking technology novel input devices are easy to design and the tracking technology becomes almost unobtrusive.


Power efficient

Low processing overhead



Ultrasonic waves are directly send to the headset



Pair multiple peripherals seamlessly



Track LED sensors

Let your amazing tech do more

By integrating Sensoryx, you can tap into our expertise and technology to boost the possibilities of your amazing hardware.

Traditional controllers are good at doing many things while Sensoryx unlocks the full potential for precise and natural interactions.