Sensoryx is proud to be an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) partner for Qualcomm’s latest Extended Reality (XR) reference design. This partnership enables us to develop cutting-edge XR applications optimized for Qualcomm’s newest hardware platform, Snapdragon Spaces. As Qualcomm’s XR developer platform, Snapdragon Spaces is designed to empower developers to create innovative cross-device applications and experiences. This collaboration allows us to leverage Qualcomm’s advanced technology while showcasing our expertise in motion tracking and spatial computing solutions.

Beyond the controller

Pioneers in intuitive
motion tracking technology

Our mission is threefold. We develop and license cutting-edge tracking technology for spatial computing, XR, simulated reality and motion capture. We partner with hardware manufacturers to upgrade their solution with better tracking and new spatial instruments. And we offer innovative tools and full support for developers, empowering them to create and succeed in their projects.

Leaders across architecture, art, cinema, gaming, medical, industrial sectors, and beyond leverage the precision and adaptability of sensoryx’s patented motion tracking technology to enhance their work.


Tracking technology

Sensoryx, founded on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Rolf Adelsberger, licenses the world's most accurate and compatible motion tracking solutions for spatial computing. Our patent-protected technology seamlessly integrates optical, ultrasonic, and inertial sensors to deliver unmatched precision and interactivity. This power-efficient innovation works with any modern head-mounted display (HMD) without requiring hardware modifications.

Backed by years of research and experience, our solutions revolutionize interactions in spatial environments for both professionals and students. Sensoryx meets the industry's growing demand for precise input methods, setting a new standard in motion tracking for the evolving field of spatial computing.

XR Instruments

Spatial tools and devices

From reference designs to end products, sensoryx offers a multitude of instruments for spatial interactions.

MALIANG Magic Pencil

The most natural and precise input that everyone knows how to use. Embodies the precision and power of sensoryx tracking technology for XR, simulated reality and 2D screens.


Attached to any object or body part, this precise, versatile tracker transforms it into a spatial, smart, interactive device.

SX Hub

Enables instant compatibility to sensoryx tracking technology for any HMD and screen. Additionally, it is a universal motion capture camera.

Legacy VRfree Gloves

Use your hands in XR, resistant to occlusions. Ideal for precision tasks and motion capture.

dr rolf adelsberger presenting sensoryx motion tracking technology

Innovation hub

R&D lab

At the heart of sensoryx innovation, our talented engineers and inventors drive technical advancements. Alongside enhancing our core technology, our R&D lab is dedicated to ongoing research, ensuring our solutions stay at the forefront of motion tracking technology.

Partner with us for a non-recurring engineering (NRE) project to develop customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our expertise and commitment to innovation ensure that your project will benefit from the latest advancements and highest standards in motion tracking technology.

Celebrating the community

Support for

Developers consistently inspire us with their innovative apps in spatial computing, reaching millions of users worldwide. We are dedicated to empowering these creators by offering the latest software development kits, seamless integration, and extensive support for various game engines, ensuring they can easily incorporate our cutting-edge motion-tracking technologies and achieve their greatest potential.

Accurate and Precise Fast Power Efficient
Accurate and Precise Fast Power Efficient

Precison in motion

Advanced tracking solutions for real-world applications

Discover how our cutting-edge motion tracking technology can transform your projects.

Accurate, precise, fast

Through sensor fusion, our motion tracking technology reports sub-millimeter accurate and precise 3D positions at high update rates.

Highly compatible

Our tracking technology integrates seamlessly with any spatial computing device, requiring minimal to no modifications, ensuring quick deployment and enhanced performance across diverse applications.

Power efficient

Our tracking technology enables 24-hour continuous use with minimal impact on HMD processing power, ensuring efficient object tracking and extended device operation.


Our sustainable tracking technology adapts to any device and future versions seamlessly, ensuring compatibility across generations without planned obsolescence, promoting long-term usability and environmental stewardship.

Patent protected

We have been granted patents on our Smart Fusion tracking technology in multiple regions, including Europe, USA, Japan, Australia, China and Russia, with additional applications being processed.

Highly Compatible Sustainable Patent Protected
Highly Compatible Sustainable Patent Protected
Marché du Film - Festival de Cannes 2024 - Country of Honour


Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes 2024
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IEEE VR 2023 Shanghai
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What next?

Find out more about how our motion-tracking solutions can be integrated or adapted to suit your project needs.