ChinaJoy 2023

The bustling city of Shanghai once again hosted a remarkable event that brings together the world’s gaming and tech aficionados—the illustrious ChinaJoy exhibition. This annual spectacle is the pinnacle of gaming and digital entertainment that showcases the industry’s innovations, game premieres, and vibrant cosplay competitions.

We attended ChinaJoy 2023 and were amazed by its return to a full physical event after last year’s online format due to the pandemic. The B2C segment of the event was brimming with both new and old video games. Showgirls skillfully worked to attract the passing crowd to their booths. The country’s best cosplayers were present, showcasing the tremendous effort and skill that goes into their creations. On the B2B side, companies presented their latest entertainment technology. Networking was in full force, and it was heartening to see some familiar faces again. The central focus of ChinaJoy 2023 appeared to be expanding their customer base beyond China, and we’re excited to support this direction!

Amidst the hustle-and-bustle of the 20th ChinaJoy edition, our
Director of Business Development, Salar Shahna, took the stage at the
B2B section, joining the ranks of gaming industry experts. With his talk
titled ‘Connecting Realities, Empower the Metaverse,’ Salar delivered a
message concerning the boundless potential inherent in our XR
technology within the gaming industry. Imagine a range of cost-effective tools for superhuman input that Sensoryx can develop with enterprise solutions in mind, enhancing interaction within the metaverse.

The aftermath of the talk buzzed with positivity. Many listeners got
excited about the potential applications, not just for gaming, but also
for other sectors like entertainment, education, and even virtual film
production. The future of spatial computing looks promising and we feel so grateful to be at the forefront of it.

While moving between talks and exploring the vibrant booths showcasing impressive technology, we had the opportunity to reconnect with familiar faces and engage in networking. During this time, we had the pleasure of meeting the charismatic Raymond Pao, HTC’s Vice President of Business Solutions. We introduced him to our Stylus, and he was genuinely impressed by our advancements. His enthusiasm for our innovations reaffirmed our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and leaving a lasting impression within the industry. We would like to extend our gratitude to Raymond Pao for his enthusiasm and support.

In closing, our journey through ChinaJoy 2023 was full of innovation, connection, and inspiration. From witnessing the evolution of gaming technology to rubbing shoulders with industry leaders, the experience left a mark on us. 

As we reflect on the bustling energy of the event, the promising strides in spatial computing, and the invaluable connections made, we’re reminded that we’re part of an exciting landscape that continues to push boundaries. We simply can’t wait for the future that lies ahead, one where technology and creativity intertwine to shape the metaverse and beyond. Until the next ChinaJoy adventure, we carry with us the excitement and insights that define this remarkable event.

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to share that we’ll return to China shortly to be part of the Swisstech Pavilion at TECH G Shanghai 2023, October 12 -14 organized by Swissnex. This is an amazing chance for us to display our advanced XR tracking solutions and skills. What’s even better is that we’ll be joining forces with four other startups, each bringing their own unique expertise to the table. Can’t wait to show everyone what we’ve got!

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